The border between comfort and self expression sits on a very thin edge, but for Kobkit, ticking both boxes is a necessity. Albeit putting comfort before anything else, Kobkit still sports baggy clothes and utility apparels like he belongs on the runway.

First delved into fashion when he moved from Bangkok, Thailand, to Orange, Texas, the instagram influencer was an exchange student with a new found curiosity in streetwear, “I was just getting introduced to streetwear, you know, the basic stuff,” Kobkit tells Powderr Asia. Back then, jeans and shirts were his best friends, a pathway which has led him to drastic changes we see in him today.

“That’s tough,” he continues, when asked to put a fixed label on his sense of style, “I just wear things that will boost my self esteem and what I’m comfortable with.” 

Like everyone else, the pandemic has stolen the opportunity to dress up once in a while away from Kobkit. However, when the occasion comes into the picture, his go-tos are baggy clothes, a pair of work wear, complemented by some tech wear.


He gleefully showed this “ridiculously big Japanese worker pants” when we asked him about his most treasured fashion item, “It’s so huge and I’ve never seen anything like it before hence, I love it so much that I bought two.” Most of the stuff that he wore and found are stuff that he finds interesting, something that keeps him grounded to everyday fashion but also gives him this window of opportunity to express himself in.

Kobkit photography work for Converse Thailand

Sustainable fashion played a big part in Kobkit’s style journey. Kobkit loves to thrift, and he goes to what he calls happy land to find hidden fashion gems, a thrift fashion hotspot in Bangkok calls the Happyland Centre, offering all sorts of thrift stores to choose from.

“The stuff I usually get from thrift stores is usually something very unique, and cheap”, expressing his appreciation a good deal for your thrifted style, a satisfying gain, and often, also an instant gratification. Kobkit doesn’t shop online often for thrifting, rather, preferring to just “look and see,” until finding what instrigues. An adventure on its own, the process of finding hidden fashion gems reward not only rare pieces but also new perspectives.

Kobkit’s style sits on the border between the mundane and the uncanny, something that keeps him grounded and tethered to real life while acknowledging there’s this weird conformity when it comes to fashion, that something that seems like an everyday wear can also make you stand out and leave that peculiar mark on anyone he comes across.