Always a forward thinker when it comes to fashion, Putri Samboda often finds herself going against the grain, she doesn’t let the world dictate her perspective of what fashion should be, as well as the thought of owing the world an attempt to create a more eco-friendly bubble of fashion.. As the planet heats up, she has discovered a form of fashion that she fell in love with, and with it, a serene grace for sustainability.

A gender nonconformist from a very young age, Putri started wearing less of what society deemed as feminine clothes, to parade the message that comes with her looks, but this early attempt in finding her fashion pedestal was foiled quickly by the people around her, and she was eventually forced to coerce with a more grounded, conservative approach of fashion for “girls” at the time, but that doesn’t stop her in playing fashion matchmaker for herself.

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Along the way of finding this fashion solace, She also found enlightenment in maintaining a close distance between her style and the environment. In her elementary school years, she was taught about climate change and how it’s limiting the resources of the planet, and eventually she noticed how beauty and fashion could still arise from odds and ends. 

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During the early days of the pandemic, she started to declutter her belongings and she quickly realized that she wasn’t being environmentally conscious. Feeling like she owed the planet an effort to do better, having no place to donate at the time, she started upcycling her clothes, turning them into little fashion tidbits, like masks.

The journey of being more environmentally conscious and finding her fashion expression is painted the eccentric candor of the avant-garde style, drawing her inspirations from the craft of the bellwether of the art landscape, Andy Warhol. Inspired by the campiness spirit of Andy Warhol’s food packaging collage, Putri then started to experiment with making fashion items from waste, such as food packagings, newspaper prints, and plastic bags, among other things. All from the comfort of her home, Yogyakarta, one of Indonesia’s well known epicenter of arts and heritage.

When it comes to fashion, Putri knows exactly what she wants to present. Seeing the unique fashion traditions that came from her Asian upbringing, along with the thought of being mindful toward the environment, connected almost, Putri believes that we’re heading towards the right direction in the future of fashion.