A lot of us distinctly remember the start of when wearing monotonous color became the determining factor of what’s considered to be fashionable. It was pre-pandemic, and straight forward colors and clean lines were seen at every corner of the city. Within the same timeline, Indy and her friend, who later founded Toko Didiyo, were busy getting mesmerized by diverse Indonesian traditional fabrics, such as Tenun.

The two female founders flirted with the idea of reviving Asian fabrics, bringing them back into wardrobe daily staples through a ready to wear brand. In 2017, not many fashion goers, particularly those from the younger crowd, shared their sentiment, especially when the trend of that particular year stood at the end of the spectrum against what Toko Didiyo tried to bring to life.

“We landmark every collection with a distinctive and sustainable style,” Indy tells Powderr Asia. Every brand has a defining moment which shapes their identity, and for Toko Didiyo, it’s finding that sweet spot which knits together the concept of one-of-a-kind ready to wear, culturally enriched Asian fabrics, straight forward lines, and clever utilization of deadstock laces and embroideries. The variables which nurtured Toko Didiyo become the brand that it is now seem long and complicated, but the story tells. It works.

Within a short 4 years, the brand has amassed over 20,000 strong communities on Instagram, and has collaborated with diverse brands over the years, including Powderr Asia. Without forgetting its roots, Toko Didiyo delivers a flawless exclusive collection at Powderr Asia, consisting of 4 almost homogenic–but not quite–buttoned up shirts, each packed with a unique finish and distinctive fabric definition. “This collection gives a certain feeling of finesse, the fabric we put together translates the philosophy of simplicity and pure lines.” 

Like many brands, Toko Didiyo was started by just two aspirational entrepreneurs, driven by nothing but their belief in Asian fabrics, and most importantly, grit. Despite having successfully released 5 collections which all almost resulted in total sold outs, Toko Didiyo’s journey in turning their inspiration into a full-fledged entrepreneurial venture never stopped, “now it’s a matter of developing our online presence and customer interaction better,” Indy said when the topic of her brand expansion popped up.

Today, the women-led brand has found its solid place within the fashion landscape. As colors are making their way back into the trend, even the younger crowd find Toko Didiyo’s collections fascinating. For a fraction of the price, a lot of other brands, fast fashion brands, global or local, could sell similar designs. Take simple lace fabrics, sewn into buttoned up shirts, patch colorful fabrics on top, and there we have it. However, on top of the glaring quality difference, they may lack the sentimental value.

When worn, the pure lines of Toko Didiyo’s signature buttoned up shirts and their subtle Asian fabric accent feels more like a memorabilia of our rich heritage rather than a clothing piece. “Asian fashion scene is unique in the way it focuses on the inclusivity of the individual rather than looking to impress high-end industry influencers. So we stay inspired and focused to play an even bigger role in the scene as an Asian brand.”