Powderr Asia: Your Asian Aunty Wardrobe

Powder Room Asia, abbreviated Powderr, opens an online retail space which allows fashion lovers worldwide to explore the latest fashion curation from every corner of Asia. Our online retail platform brings together diverse fashion brands from Korea, Thailand as well as Indonesia, and plans to continuously extend our brand network from more Asian countries. On top of Powderr’s distinctive curation, Powder Asia provides a unique shopping and exploration experience by featuring a “tradition inspired” category, a category tailored to answer many Asian consumers’ demand for clothing pieces which design is rooted in traditional attire but can easily be pulled off for both daily or formal occasions.

“In the past few years, Asia has been a strong contender in driving the global fashion trend. Japan, Korea, and China, have produced many cutting edge brands that have made it globally, and fashion consumers worldwide are enjoying these styles, the very distinctive Asian fashion voices. We are confident that many other Asian countries will follow in their footsteps sooner or later,” said Danica Evani, Founder of Powder Room Asia.

Brands that have been boarded into the Powderr Ecosystem will be given the opportunity to also produce creative contents on Powderr’s editorial portal, which will be in the form of videos, interviews, opinion editorials, or even podcasts. As a Powderr registered user, consumers can not only purchase clothing pieces, but they can easily save contents produced by these brands as a source of inspiration for today or later by utilizing the “bookmark” feature.

Danica continued, “Powderr also serves as a sandbox for independent Asian fashion brands to grow. We want to facilitate these brands to expand their access to diverse markets through our platform, and in the process, becoming the representatives of the Asian community which has become a subject of discrimination since the pandemic started.”

A report by McKinsey said that 2021 is anticipated as the year where dynamic digital growth will soar over 30% higher in comparison to 2019. The presence of digital platforms such as Powderr is crucial to help Asian fashion brands not only recover from the COVID19 pandemic, but grow when the momentum presents itself.

Built by a team with complementary expertise and extensive exposure to the diverse fashion and lifestyle landscape, Asian brands that have made their way into the Powderr ecosystem have passed strict curation indicators that span quality, characteristic, and the brand’s identity relevance to the Asian representation. Some of the brands that will be ready to purchase during the launch are Hankim from South Korea, Placyf and One Off Ones from Indonesia, and Grofe from Thailand.