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Founded by Trang Thuy Do and designer Quach Thang, AEIE is a representation of the new wave of Vietnamese creatives. Deeply inspired by the melting pot of culture and vibrancy that is Ho Chi Minh City
Grofe is a fashion brand, origination from The land of Smiles, Thailand. At first glance, one can see the unique design that their product has, with a very avant-garde touche, along with the contemporary vibe coming off of it, making their items seem like a bold fashion statement in a world that seems a little bit monotonous.
A contemporary brand based in Seoul, Korea founded by designer Han Kim which debuted at Paris Fashion Week SS20 in 2019. Han Kim was selected as the Top 10 New York Times graduation show pieces. Constructed through the minds of diverse group of people working together with Han Kim himself, the collection represents their research of women in the most exciting way possible.

A slow fashion brand, based in India. Founded in 2018, by Shreya and Priyal on a mission to create beautiful, quite things which embodies the odd and the outnumbered. Ode to Odd is an exploration of Indian textile and handwork coupled with contemporary aesthetics.

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A Jakarta, Indonesia-based independent fashion brand founded by Angela Rachel in 2021 after graduating from Instituto Marangoni, London. One Off Ones balances the creation of ready-to-wear, everyday garments and conceptual, experimental, new design that aren’t designed with any gender in mind. Reinforcing fluidity in fashion expression.
Placyf is an independent lifestyle brand based in Jakarta, Indonesia. Initiated by R. Alamsyah and Andre Arnoldus in 2017. The brand is inspired by personal experience, a non-conformist mindset, and various counter-culture references of literature, art, design, music, and style.
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Designed and crafted in today’s fashion mecca, Seoul. RShemiste perfectly expresses the essence of time and space through simple, delicate, and beautiful everyday wear. Founded by Won Jiyeon and Lee Juho, their design is renowned for its risk-taking that successfully broke Seoul Fashion Week through sartorial messages across their clothes.
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Founded in 2017 out of their interest and love of Indonesian fabrics. Their collections are mostly made out of dead stock fabric and lace, drawing upon the diversity of Asian fashion tradition.

Inspired by coming-of-age and self-discovery, the brand is an adaptation and response to the culture of western first name last name structure, which in Vietnam is the complete opposite. The collections represent that reversed culture in this day and age. Founded by Dinh Nguyen Kieu My or as known as My Dinh, AKA.MYDINH.

Founded by two cousins, Sabrina and Marisa, currently based in Indonesia. Longer Days is the form of expression of their experience living in Melbourne which is heavily inspired by diverse music, art scene and long summer days. All artworks are Marisa’s original paintings inspired by songs and named after them. 

A small studio that produces small quantities of selected garments using high quality Japanese and Indian textiles. Through their products, the brand aim to promote conscious and sustainable consumption. Founded by the creative director, Marina Hiramatsu a Central Saint Martins graduate, she launched the brand in 2019.
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UglyBijoux is run by two friends: Kome and Arya from their home-atelier/office/packing centre in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Keeping themselves creatively stimulated with this super exciting art project turned serious business.