From causing havoc in the heavenly kingdom to getting imprisoned in the palm of the Buddha, and finally redeeming himself through adversities, ultimately forming new lasting friendships. The Journey to the West is a reminder to the Asian communities that adversities are always a part of the reformation.

Recalling the Journey to the West reminded us of that familiar experience shared by Asians, hiding in a long-lost Asian relative’s colorful wardrobe, flipping through fabrics in that powder room felt very much like discovering a multidimensional universe of rakshasas and goddesses. Empowerment, awe, grandeur, yet grounded and comfortable. We want to return that sense of familiar polarity back to you, and better yet, allowing everyone of all backgrounds to have a taste of it. Powder Room Asia, (abbreviated Powderr), is your own Shortcut Journey to the West.

Our dream is bigger than connecting more Asian brands to more consumers globally.

We want the cultural value unique to Asian brands to be sustainable and celebrated and passed onto the next generation, and the next.

We are slowly paving the road through a platform that provides access for Asian brands to build networks and expand outreach and it will not stop there. We see Asian brand owners as entrepreneurs with zero limit for growth and creativity, if tech startup founders can land multibillion deals and achievements, how come Asian brand founders don’t? when clothing falls into what Indonesia call as the survival trifecta: Sandang (clothing), Pangan (food), and Papan (Housing).

The collective journey that we are about to embark on as a community will consist of fragments of each of our unique paths to self discovery by finding our way back to our culture, our identity and of course, our shared secret adoration toward Sun Wukong that never really died since we were really young. Our job is to make sure that we use our identities, represented by our fashion expression to strengthen and retain the sustainability of our cultural value for decades to come.